Hey people of earth sorry i have not bean blogging but as you know it’s the summer holidays in scotland and it has bean hot hot hot so i didn’t want to sit inside while the sun is shining through the window it just makes me feel like i am waisting my summer. I can’t beleave that it’s summer because it feels like we have bean in p6 for 2 days. Now when i go back we will be in p7 dun dun dun all though i can’t beleave next year i will be going to secondry. Im so exited for secondry because you can eat from the vans and you can get sweets also you can go any where for lunch. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All about GRANNIES

Grannies love every one and they all ways spoil you with chocolate and sweets it’s normaly your mums mum that spoils you but you half to admit i am the best grannie and you can’t diss me at all or your weard i love football and thats weard for a grannie and i’m so cool that a group of boys let me hang with them even though every one was laughing but they new i was cool and if your lookin for a grannie i’m your one. And gess what grannie scored a hatrick your reading about her. see ya G.Grandaline


As you know it is getting hotter in scotland so it means its getting nearer to summer i am so exited and hopefully it will stay like this and hopefully not be like last year were we had summer early and it was cold but still sunny and don’t get me started on 2 years ago wow it was all most raining every day. hope your looking forword to your holidays and i will see you next time See you bye bye Beth 😮 🙂

Horrendous wind

I can’t believe how strong this wind has been, because I was on my way to Piano when there was something blocking our path so we had to turn round and go the long way. On the road was a massive tree been blown down by the wind it was unbelievable. The wind is up to 63mpf and that’s the strongest so far but it could get stronger. 42,000 homes have been damaged all ready and there is going to be lots more on Wednesday when it’s suppose to be really windy again. There is only 5 scotrail’s open and a lot of tree’s on the rail way so trains can’t run. There has been a lot of people complaining because they can’t get home from a day somewhere. The A9 and the A82 are both closed because of tree’s falling down and the wind blowing sign posts down on the m8 there has been a lorry that has been tipped over by the wind, the driver wasn’t hurt but has 2 broken bones and lot’s of cuts and bruises. There is ash coming towards Scotland because of the wind this is not good for people going on holiday any time soon but that’s not stopping them. If you don’t believe me about the wind then check out this there is a swirl of cloud around Scotland the satellite had picked up that information today.
Bye Bye Beth 🙂 ;p

Newsround Article

Hello my name is Beth and today i i’m going to talk to you about skeletons in derbyshire. Archaeologist have found some skeletons in the Derbyshire they recon it is about 40 meters wide and have only coverd 10 meters. It will take a while but it will be worth it when they are done. they have found lots of type of bones these are some of them they found some pigs sheep cattle horses and some wild animals like wolfs and black bears hopefully they will find lots more this is all i have got for you today and i will hopefully find out more interesting stuff to talk about .     Beth out!!!!!!.


Welcome to Awesome know just in case you get put off by the name of the blog it is not about grannies i just like them . My name is Beth and this is my first post hopefully you will like my blog and I will try to keep it interesting thank-you for looking at my blog.

Beth/ granny is out